“At the end of the match, the Ukrainians looked better than the Italians”

In Leverkusen, the Ukrainian national team did not defeat the Italians (0:0) in the final match of the group round of qualifying for Euro 2024 and will now be forced to make their way to the final part of the championship through the play-offs.

In a conversation with a correspondent, former striker of the Ukrainian national team Ivan Getsko shared his impressions of yesterday’s confrontation in Germany:

– Certain positive changes in the play of our team under the leadership of Sergei Rebrov are already noticeable. It is important that in key matches – with England in Wroclaw and yesterday – with the Italians, our guys were as motivated as possible, which indicates an excellent microclimate in the team. The only thing that bothers me is finishing the attacks. The current team, and even Sergei Rebrov’s predecessors, are lame. It is for this reason that in the mentioned matches the scoring chances at the opponents’ goal could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Something needs to be done about this.

– But Mudrik, Tsygankov and Dovbik, who played ahead yesterday in their clubs from the top championships, are on the move.
– I don’t think that the level of their performance skills does not meet the requirements of today, but now it is the offensive line that is the weak spot of our team.

“However, we must not forget that yesterday we had to compete with the Italians, who have always been famous for their defense.
– In Leverkusen, the Squadra Azzurra defenders were not blameless. Let’s just remember the episode when, after a throw-in due to inconsistency between the stoppers and the goalkeeper, the ball ended up with the free Mudrik, who shot into the far corner, but Donnarumma managed to react. Although Mikhail should have played more cunningly.

– But in stoppage time, Mudryk still scored a penalty when he was brought down by the visiting defender.
“What surprised me most was that the VAR referee did not react to this obvious violation of the rules; he was obliged to advise his colleague.

Yesterday, in general, the right tactics were chosen; the Ukrainians pleased us with their ability to maintain a high tempo and escape from pressure. The dominance of Sergei Rebrov’s players was obvious towards the end of the match, when the Italians looked tired. Only one accurate “shot” was missing.

– Now our guys have no choice but to make their way to the final part of the championship through the play-offs.
– It should be clarified that previously the Ukrainian team had problems with them. In the spring there will be an opportunity to rehabilitate. Sergei Rebrov’s team proved that they can play on equal terms even with top teams. And with the selection of performers they have, they should win the playoff round. I hope that before those March battles our attackers will have time to correct their aim.

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2023-11-21 20:32:00

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