“Ceferin must resign”

Former Dynamo goalkeeper Svyatoslav Sirota called on UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin to resign after an unassigned penalty in the Euro 2024 qualifying match Ukraine – Italy (0:0)

“As the classic said: “Bravo, Federation. Bravo, Čeferin.” They pulled Italy out by the ears. If a person has a conscience, and he probably doesn’t, Čeferin should resign.

The President of the Spanish Football Federation, Rubiales, resigned after a scandal over kissing a football player at the 2023 World Cup.

Čeferin directly said that Ukraine should not win. His instructions were carried out by the referee, who did not award a 100% penalty at the end of the match. Čeferin must resign.

Rebrov came up with a wonderful tactic, which he almost implemented. As Sergei Diryavka noted in his commentary, the Italians will not be able to withstand the entire match at such a frantic pace. And so it happened. Rebrov’s bet on an assault in the last 20 minutes should have worked. But Čeferin’s almost direct instructions played a role. And the guys are great. They did even more than was expected of them. Thanks everyone for a great game.

I suggest that you do not ignore this. Čeferin is a rare p******. At first he tried to return Russia to the competition, then he returned the referees, and now he gave an undisguised instruction to make sure that Ukraine did not win.

Other countries should support us. Of course, referees have killed different teams before. Sometimes they made mistakes not consciously, sometimes they made mistakes on purpose. But never, never has the UEFA President publicly expressed a preference or need for any action regarding the final result of the match. This is happening in football for the first time in its history,” Sirota wrote on Facebook.

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2023-11-22 00:08:00

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