Demyanenko left his post as acting Head of the Football Veterans Association. Why?

First Vice-President of the UAF Anatoly Demyanenko announced his resignation as acting head of the Ukrainian Football Veterans Association.

Demyanenko announced his decision after holding a mini-football tournament in memory of the defender of the Donetsk airport, a soldier of the 95th separate air assault brigade Ruslan Borovik.

“In September of the year before last, in a difficult situation, I was asked to head this organization with acting status. I agreed and did everything I could to be helpful. So far, circumstances have developed in such a way that I decided to resign from the position of head of the AVFU. I made this decision for personal reasons. Now I continue to work at the UAF and remain in football, because football is my life.”

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2023-11-19 03:13:00

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