“Dnepr-1 has a neutral position. Pavelko does not deserve prison”

Commercial Director of Dnepr-1 Vyacheslav Fridman explained why his club refused to vote for convening an extraordinary congress of the UAF.

The clubs of the Ukrainian Premier League by a majority of votes supported the convening of an extraordinary congress of the UAF, at which it is planned to remove Andrei Pavelko from the post of head of the organization and appoint a new leader.

Metalist 1925, Vorskla, Dnepr-1 and Shakhtar did not support the convening of an extraordinary congress.

Vyacheslav Fridman: “Dnepr-1 adheres to a neutral position. We are neither for nor against, we just don’t want to take part in it. Do everything legally as it should.

I believe that Pavelko is sitting in prison illegitimately. He needs to be released, the case brought to court and only then imprisoned. And so he is being kept in custody simply for no reason. Pavelko is not dangerous: he didn’t kill anyone, didn’t rape anyone, doesn’t run around with a knife on the street.

He was isolated on the basis of a far-fetched story that he could allegedly communicate in the Football House with his lawyer. But he could also communicate with him on the phone. This is all so far-fetched that I don’t even want to talk about it.

Let Pavelka go, put a bracelet on his ankle and let him sit at home. It is ugly when a person is kept in prison, and at the same time he is removed from office. There are rumors that they are ready to release him if he writes a statement that he is resigning from the post of head of the UAF.

Let them decide for themselves; Dnepr-1 will not take part in this because of the current situation with Pavelko. It’s not very good”.

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2023-11-20 00:09:00

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