“Dnepr-1 is ready to play with Shakhtar”

Defender of Dnepr-1 Denis Miroshnichenko commented on the victory over Oleksandriya (1:0) and spoke about the team’s readiness for the match of the 14th round of the UPL with Shakhtar Donetsk.

– Denis, you played against your former team. What were your feelings and was this game special and important for you?

– I was very happy to play against my former team, I still have very warm relations with them – it was a very pleasant match for me, I wanted to prove it and see everyone. I really like the way Alexandria looks and I think that they are not in their place in the standings. I wish them to rise up as quickly as possible.

– How comfortable was it for you to play as a left-back?

– During my career, I played a lot as both a left half and a left back – this was not a problem for me.

– How does the team feel physically after such a long away tour?

– It was a very difficult schedule, every three days there was a game and I will say that the team went through this stage very well, we still have a very important game with Shakhtar and after this game we will look at what we have achieved.

– Is the team ready to play against Shakhtar and what is needed to win?

– Yes, of course, the team is ready. This is a fundamental rival. We have goals, ambitions, I think this will be a very good match.

The match between Shakhtar and Dnepr-1 will take place on November 12 at 19:00 Kyiv time.

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2023-11-07 18:33:00

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