Dovbik exceeded all expectations, he fit in perfectly

During a break for national team matches, journalists from the popular Spanish publication AS briefly assessed the achievements of the Spanish Championship teams after a third of the distance.

As part of the Girona leader, they singled out forward Artem Dovbik:

“Girona’s success this season is due to many factors, but first of all to the successful transfers of sporting director Quique Carcel.

Winger Savigno is probably the biggest revelation of the season, Eric Garcia is as reliable as ever and Viktor Tsygankov is proving to be a great player. But there is also Artem Dovbik, who exceeded all expectations. He burst into the championship like a meteor.

In 13 La Liga matches, he has 7 goals and 5 assists, which surpasses the results of Christian Stuani in his best seasons. In addition, Dovbik helps in pressing and fighting in the air. Girona confirm that they saw Dovbik as an important player, but thought that he would need time to adapt. Artem still doesn’t speak Spanish, but Viktor Tsygankov is helping him get used to it.

Even without knowing the language, league and country, Dovbik quickly got used to everything, although the club expected everything to be much more difficult. Artem fit perfectly into the coach’s plans and schemes.

In the meantime, Dovbik is only three goals behind Bellingham’s total and has scored the same number as Lewandowski, Morata and Oyarzabal.

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2023-11-17 15:31:00

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