Enormous debts. UEFA recognized the current Carpathians as the legal successor of the old ones

Famous sports journalist and commentator Victor Vatsko said that UEFA recognized Karpaty as the legal successor of the old Karpaty, and also what consequences this would have.

“I have very bad news for Karpaty fans, if we talk about prospects. UEFA recognized the current “Karpaty” as the heir of the old “Karpaty”, which several years ago seemed to be nullified in order not to pay debts. Therefore, Karpaty must pay off debts, the amount is about 8 million euros or dollars. A huge amount.

“Karpaty” filed an appeal, but knowledgeable people say that there is practically no chance there. The colors of the club, the stadium, and most importantly the emblem, which shows the year the club was founded, 1963. Therefore, the current owner of Karpaty, Vladimir Matkivsky, has two options: either pay off all the colossal debts of his predecessors, or quit this business.

Experienced fans should remember that for debts they first get a transfer ban, then they deduct points, and then they deprive them of their professional status.

Now no one understands what situation “Karpaty” is in and what can be planned there,” said Vatko.

Let us note that Karpaty scored 42 points in 17 rounds of the First League and is 13 points ahead of their nearest competitor.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of Ukraine opened bankruptcy proceedings for Veres.

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2023-11-21 22:53:00

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