Euro 2024 standings. Ukraine only needs a victory over Italy

​On November 17, the matches of the 9th round of qualification took place Euro 2024.

All the highlights of the match are available in Live mode in Telegram

On the evening of November 17, Italy beat North Macedonia (5:2) in an important Group C match. Now the national teams of Italy and Ukraine have the same number of points (13 each) and share 2-3 place in the group, behind England (19).

The Ukrainian national team can fulfill the task of reaching the final round, only if he achieves victory in a match with the Italian team (November 20 in Leverkusen).

In case of a draw, Italy will receive a ticket based on the best additional criteria (results of head-to-head matches).

Following the results of the game day, the teams of Albania and Denmark received the right to play in Germany in the summer.

13 of the 24 participants in the final round are already known:

Germany (host), Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Turkey, Austria, England, Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, Denmark.

Euro 2024 qualification

9th round, November 17

Kazakhstan – San Marino – 3:1 Moldova – Albania – 1:1
Finland – Northern Ireland – 4:0
England – Malta – 2:0
Denmark – Slovenia – 2:1
Italy – North Macedonia – 5:2 Poland – Czech Republic – 1:1

Tournament tables

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