Euro 2024 tables. The 16 teams that have reached the finals are already known.

On November 18, the Euro 2024 group qualifying round matches took place.

The Swiss national team unexpectedly failed to beat Kosovo, playing in a 1:1 draw. However, 1 point was enough for the Swiss to guarantee their participation in the final part of the 2024 European Championship in Germany, taking at least 2nd place in Group I.

The Romanian team won away from Israel 2:1 and, like Switzerland, qualified for the Euro from Quartet I.

The Dutch national team minimally beat Ireland and became the second team to qualify for the European Championships from Group B after France.

Euro 2024. Qualification. November 18th

Armenia – Wales – 1:1
Belarus – Andorra – 1:0 Latvia – Croatia – 0:2 Israel – Romania – 1:2
Netherlands – Ireland – 1:0
France – Gibraltar – 14:0 Switzerland – Kosovo – 1:1

The 16 teams that qualified for Euro 2024 are already known:

Tournament tables

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