Everton could be deducted another 9 points. What’s happened?

Three English clubs are set to take legal action against Everton after the Toffees were docked 10 points for breaking league financial rules.

Burnley, Leicester and Leeds, who have dropped out of the Premier League in recent years, are reportedly preparing legal action for £100 million each, which is based on the loss of Premier League revenue. Over the past two seasons, Everton have fought with these teams to maintain their residence in the Premier League.

Everton’s potential buyers 777Partners have pledged around £20m a month to cover the club’s running costs while the Premier League evaluates their takeover bid, but are not prepared to pay compensation that could run into hundreds of millions of pounds.

The source claims that if the independent commission deems Everton obliged to pay the money, then in case of failure to pay the club faces another deduction of points. In this case, the Liverpool team could be deprived of another nine points, which is almost certainly a relegation.

After deducting 10 points, the team for which Vitaly Mykolenko plays dropped to 19th place in the standings.

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2023-11-18 18:45:00

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