“Everyone is physically ready for today”

Ukrainian national team midfielder Alexander Zinchenko shared his impressions of the test match against Lechia (2:0 win):

– It was very cold, but cold for both teams. Good control sparring. I think the coaching staff received some information. We will prepare for the game with Italy.

– The most important thing was to get physical activity, or perhaps there were some tunes somewhere?
– I think that the priority was still communication and playing between the players. I think all the guys are physically ready for today, because all the championships have now gone on for quite a long time, each of us has already played about 12 games. Therefore, in terms of physical condition, I would not say that this was a priority today.

– Stepanenko had three scoring chances at once. Has his luck run out?
– I hope this will all carry over to the game with Italy, so he still has everything ahead of him. But today he should have scored a hat-trick.

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2023-11-17 17:21:00

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