Former Milan forward George Weah lost the Liberian presidential election

57-year-old ex-Milan forward George Weah lost the second round of the presidential elections that took place the day before in Liberia.

Weah, who has been the current African head of state since January 22, 2018, recognized the victory of his opponent, 78-year-old opposition candidate Joseph Bokai, the former vice president of Liberia (2006–2018), whom he managed to defeat in the previous presidential elections.

According to the calculations of the electoral commission, which processed 99.58% of all ballots, Bokai receives 50.89% of the votes, and President Weah – 49.11%. The difference between the opponents is only 28 thousand votes.

George Weah has already managed to officially admit his defeat in the election process. In particular, the President of Liberia, in a five-minute speech to citizens, said that he “has the greatest respect for the democratic process that has defined the nation,” adding that he managed to speak with Bokai, whom he called “the elected president.”

In 2018, Weah came to the presidency of Liberia on a wave of enthusiasm, especially from younger voters, winning the election by a large margin against Joseph Bokai. However, George has failed to overcome corruption, rising prices and ongoing economic difficulties, which have tarnished his image and led to his election defeat this year.

Let us recall that in May last year, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky held telephone conversations with President of Liberia George Weah, during which he thanked his African colleague for supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state, including within the UN.

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2023-11-18 20:16:00

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