“I don’t negotiate with terrorists”

President of Rivne “Veres” Ivan Nadein commented on the scandalous story with the transfer of Dmitry Godi to Karpaty Lviv:

“Karpaty” approached the club with an official proposal. We held negotiations and agreed to sign. The agreement is official – with payment of all taxes, as transparent as possible. They informed the player, and he informed the agents. “Karpaty” invited the player to Lviv to show the base and conduct the final round of negotiations; they wanted the player to start training with “Karpaty”. After the excursion, representatives of the clubs went to the office to finalize the agreement. The agent (Nikita Shvets) picked up the player, they went to wait for the results. As a result, the transfer contract was signed by two clubs, but not by the player, who did not show up at the Karpaty office for two days. They simply took him away and hid him.

I tried to convince the player that in Karpaty he would have received much better conditions in terms of salary and living conditions, and would also have worked with such a specialist as Miron Markevich and in a club with European Cup ambitions. What happened was that the agents who were supposed to help the player thwarted the transfer. I think everyone lost from this.

As far as I understand, the agents were counting on commissions. But “Karpaty” fundamentally does not work with agents. In 4.5 years in football, I have not violated a single contractual agreement. But Godey and I’s contract does not stipulate any bonuses for agents. Yes, we didn’t implement the historic transfer, but I don’t like to give in to blackmail. What FAMK Group demanded was unacceptable. You can consider this my emotion, but I do not conduct business or negotiate with terrorists.

Godea returned to U-19. He is a great guy, he fulfills his contract. I asked him: “How could you miss such a chance?!” The guy will have no future with such agents. He is still a child, he made a mistake. Let’s see if he understands that his career has been damaged.

Nothing to regret. We cleaned up the aura and environment a little. We gained useful experience. Let’s move on. We raised another important topic for Ukrainian football. And I promise you, it won’t be the last.”

Let us remind you that earlier “Veres” declared agents Maxim Karagodin and Nikita Shvets “persona non grata” at the club. The reason for this was that the agents thwarted the transfer of Dmitry Godi to Karpaty.

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2023-11-18 19:22:00

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