“I hope your country will win soon”

Portuguese Rafael Bandeira, who recently joined Krivoy Rog Krivbass, answered questions from the club press service, spoke about his attitude to the war in Ukraine and his first impressions of the team.

Rafael, congratulations in Ukraine! What are your first impressions of arriving in our country, as well as FC Kryvbasa?

– I have heard a lot about Ukraine, I know that there is an unjust war that was started by Russia. I hope that soon your country will win and peace will be established. As for the club, I am very glad to join Krivbass. I got acquainted with the training and living conditions. Everything is at a very high level.

You are the first Portuguese in the history of FC Krivbass. Did you know about this fact?

– Yes, I know about it. I have been checking the team composition in recent years. This fact is a motivation for me to show my best qualities and adequately represent Portugal in Ukraine.

How did the option with Krivbass come about? Maybe you consulted with someone?

– Krivbass scouts contacted my agent and began negotiations. When my representative talked about the option with Krivbass, I said that I was happy with everything. There were no special obstacles.

How was your first training session with Krivbass? How much do you think you will need to adapt?

– I think that my adaptation to Ukraine is going well. I played in Italy and France before and everything was fine. I don’t think there will be any problems here. Therefore, I hope for a quick adaptation in Krivbass.

What did you know about FC Krivbass before? Maybe he knew about the successes of our head coach Yuri Vernidub on the international stage?

– I followed the Ukrainian championship this season and saw great matches performed by Krivbass. I was amazed by the team’s performance and its results. This also influenced my choice. Regarding the head coach, Yuri Vernidub is a very qualified specialist. He works well with young players and knows how to discover talent. This is very good for my career.

You chose number 25. Why this number?

– Number 25 has always been with me in life – my family, comrades and teammates know this. This number is happy for me, so I don’t want to change anything in that regard.

Right back is your home position. Can you play other positions?

– Yes, in addition to right back, I can play as a winger, and I can also play on the left flank. However, I will act in the position where the coach needs me.

– You played in the academies of Sporting and Juventus Turin. Which world football stars did you meet with in your former teams?

– One of the people I played with before is Rafael Leau. He is a very cool young man and a great professional. We are good friends, he is positive and always smiling.

FC “Krivbass” is your new club. What are your expectations from cooperation and what goals do you set for yourself at Krivbass?

– The season is long enough, so I want to help my new team and progress from match to match. Together with Krivbass I want to get into the European Cup. I feel that our team is capable of this,” Bandeira said.

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2023-11-19 19:01:00

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