“I think it was a clear penalty, but there is VAR.”

Head coach of the Ukrainian national team Sergey Rebrov commented on the draw (0:0) in the decisive match with Italy in the 10th round of Euro 2024 qualification.

– Comment on the situation with Mudryk’s fall, where there was a clear penalty, but the referee didn’t even look at the replay.

– I also think that there was a clear penalty, but there is VAR. From my point of view, it was 11 meters. But we don’t decide this. Surely they didn’t see the foul when looking at VAR. There are people there who are watching…

– What didn’t work? What prevented you from winning?

– We had a game plan. We played against the reigning European champion. It is very difficult to constantly put pressure on this team from the first minutes. Therefore, in the first half we concentrated more on defense, and in the second we played more intensely, pressed more, thanks to this we took the ball back and created chances. Yes, now the guys are very upset because they did not achieve results. But I think they showed a good game, I can only thank them.

– How difficult was it to go all the way in such a group and get to the playoffs, which will take place next year?

– Of course, it’s hard. Few people believed in us. We fought until the last game. I am grateful to the players with whom we have been working together for about six months. They showed an understanding of our game and showed the Ukrainian character. As you all know, the war in Ukraine continues. This is hard for players who are always looking at their phones, following the news, just like me. It’s not easy to work in this atmosphere. But we all understand that we represent a strong country, which we demonstrated on the field. We showed character and fought for our country.

– What can you say about the stands and the atmosphere in Leverkusen?

– I love playing in Germany, I’m sure the players like it here too. I am grateful to Leverkusen and Germany for the opportunity to play in this magnificent stadium. There was a wonderful atmosphere during the anthem. The Italians applauded us – this is a very emotional thing. This match was shown in many countries. The Italians showed respect and support for Ukraine, the atmosphere was great.

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2023-11-21 04:55:00

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