“If Italy were in our place, they would have taken 3 penalties there”

Famous sports journalist and commentator Victor Vatsko harshly criticized the referees of the match Ukraine – Italy (0:0) for the episode with an unassigned penalty into the goal at the end of the match.

“Chief referee Jesus Gil Manzano, VAR referee Juan Martinez Munuera – one is Russian, the other. One pretended that he did not see that Cristante knocked down Mudryk without playing the ball (this is important), while the other supported this decision and did not question it. And this is exactly how we need to interpret the fact that Gil Manzano did not go to watch VAR. Why? Yes, because you can’t argue against the system. If they hadn’t given such a penalty in their Spain in favor of Real or Barcelona, ​​they wouldn’t have left a living place on you.

I am ready to bet anything that if Italy were in our place, which only needed a victory, then after such a moment they would have taken three penalties. They would beat until they scored.

Italy is too important for Ceferin. Italy is too important for Ceferin’s f***ing football. Poor Ukraine, which is being torn apart by the bloodiest war in Europe in the last 100 years, none of these f****** white collar workers, these fucking officials in expensive suits, shirts and ties are needed by anyone. They only want money. These are the football and political realities we live in,” said Vatko.

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2023-11-21 23:44:00

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