If the referee had looked at VAR, he should have given a penalty

Former FIFA referee Miroslav Stupar commented on the scandalous episode in the last minutes of the Euro 2024 qualifying match between Ukraine and Italy (0:0):

“It feels like there was no VAR in this game. I have one question: why was the VAR referee silent during the moment with Mudryk? The chief referee saw this episode well, but was afraid to take responsibility and give a penalty. Even VAR didn’t go and watch.

If he had looked at it, he definitely should have given a penalty, because there was contact, the defender put his foot like a barrier, and Mudryk had already thrown the ball. The referee did not want to expose himself. If he went to watch VAR, it would be a crossbow for him. But if he didn’t give a penalty, then Mudryk should have been given a yellow card for simulation.”

Let us remind you that in the last minutes of the Ukraine-Italy match, Mikhail Mudrik received the ball in the Italian penalty area, but Brian Cristante immediately fouled him. The referee did not award a penalty and did not even go to watch the replay of the episode.

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2023-11-21 16:45:00

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