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“I’m not interested in the absolute championship”

WBC heavyweight title holder Tyson Fury said that he treats the upcoming fight against Ukrainian Alexander Usik like any other fight. The Briton’s position is supposedly not changed by the fact that this will be a fight for the absolute championship title in heavyweight.

“Honestly, I’m not interested in the absolute championship. I’m not interested in such things. I don’t care about division unification and all that. I already did this when I beat Klitschko. After that I became the WBC champion. I’ve won every belt there is to win, including Ring Magazine, WBO and all the others. I already had them.

So for me it’s not that interesting. It’s like saying, “Oh my God, you’re going to climb Everest, but you’ve already done it 16 times.” Then ask that person how excited they are. Will I be excited about this fight? Well, yes, but I’ve already had 35 fights. It’s like having another child. I already have seven, but there is a possibility that my wife will become pregnant again. Will I be excited about it again? Of course, because it’s an incredible thing, but I’ve been through it many times before,” Fury said.

Earlier, Tyson Fury spoke about depression after the fight with Francis Ngannou.

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2023-11-19 19:47:00

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