“In a short period, Dnepr-1 won 5 out of 6 matches”​​​​​​

Defender of Dnepr-1 Denis Miroshnichenko spoke about the resumption of the training process and the state of the team:

– Denis, how did you manage to rest, and in what mood did the team resume work?

– The mood in the team is excellent, very positive! We went through a period of a difficult schedule where there were 6 matches in a short period of time. We won 5 of them, so I think everyone is in a great mood. We had a rest, visited with our families, so everything was very cool.

– Will a long pause derail the good path that the team has taken in recent matches?

– Eight more days until the official match. We will be well prepared, we are all professionals, we have been studying at home and are now in excellent condition.

– In the last matches you reserved your place in the starting lineup. How do you feel about the state you are in?

– We do not have main or non-main players. All the guys produce results, everyone belongs to the main team. As for my health, everything is fine, now I’ve gotten into shape, I feel like I’m in good shape.

– The first place that the team reached adds ambition before the final stretch of the first part of the season.

– I think there’s no need to look at the table yet. We’ll look there in the spring.

The teams consulted Denis Miroshnichenko about updating the training process.

— SC Dnipro-1 / SC Dnipro-1 (@clubdnipro1) November 19, 2023

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