“In the episode with the fall of Mudrik, the Italian factor may have worked”

Former head coach of the Ukrainian national team Leonid Buryak spoke about the moment during stoppage time of the Euro 2024 qualifying match between Ukraine and Italy (0:0), when the referee did not call a foul on Mikhail Mudrik in the Italian team’s penalty area.

“The referees decided not to look at VAR, which means they had no doubt that there was no foul. In general, I think that the arbitrator judged normally. Yes, in the episode with the fall of Mudryk, the Italian factor may have worked – in this case, they could have put a stop to the goal of a less famous team… But this is Italy, and how could it be possible for the Italians not to go to the Euro.

Plef-off? As far as I remember, our opponents may include teams such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel… I note that all teams now know how to play. Just remember how Georgia performed well on the road against Spain. Of course, the Bosnians and Israelis are not Italians, but you won’t be able to play against them from a position of strength either. After such football as in the match with Italy, the Ukrainian national team will be considered a favorite in the playoffs. Despite the fact that we did not receive a direct ticket to the Euro, we completed the selection positively, and this must be maintained for the spring. The main thing is not to repeat the mistakes of previous knockout matches like this, when we were eliminated by Slovenia,” said Buryak.

Let us remind you that the Ukrainian team in qualifying group C took 3rd place, gaining 14 points. The Italian team had the same number, but had better additional indicators.

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2023-11-21 12:41:00

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