“It is incorrect to link sport to conflicts”

Head coach of the Italian national football team Luciano Spalletti before the Euro 2024 qualifying match against the Ukrainian national team, he answered the question why he congratulated his former club Zenit on the country’s championship 404.

“There are many football players and people in this team with whom I worked, they congratulated me on the championship in Serie A, and I congratulated them on the championship in the Russian league, I have every right to do so. I believe that it is incorrect to link sports to conflicts with which I do not agree. Italians are also a long-suffering people. I hope that the conflict in Ukraine will end soon,” Spalletti said.

Let us remember that in May Luciano Spalletti recorded a video in which he congratulated St. Petersburg Zenit on their victory in the Russian championship.

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2023-11-20 01:45:00

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