“Italians live for football and the game”

Midfielder of the Ukrainian national team Alexander Zinchenko shared his opinion regarding the future opponent in the decisive qualifying match for Euro 2024, the Italian national team:

“Italians love to play with the ball. They play combination football. Now I pay a lot of attention to how they live football and the game. The game does not start with the referee’s whistle, but earlier, in the locker room. The way they sing the anthem, the way they live the game – it speaks about their team.

They live the game every second. When you play against an opponent who won’t shut his mouth the whole match, they are all energizers, then you yourself, playing against them, lose this concentration. This happens with all teams, but I would improve it with us too.”

The match between Ukraine and Italy will take place on Monday, November 20. Starts at 21:45 Kyiv time.

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2023-11-18 22:50:00

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