Leverkusen and FC Bayer made a gesture of goodwill to the Ukrainian national team

On November 20, the Ukrainian national team in Leverkusen, Germany, will play the last match of the group tournament as part of the qualification for Euro 2024 – against the current European champions, the Italians.

According to available data, a full house is expected at the Bay Arena (the stadium seats almost 30 thousand spectators).

In addition, as learned, the choice of the UAF to host the decisive Euro 2024 qualifying match in favor of Leverkusen was also justified by the fact that FC Bayer and the city hall immediately reacted positively to the proposal of the Ukrainian Football Association to hold the match at Bayer. Arena”.

Thanks to the active position of the German government in supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression, the mayor of Leverkusen (the city is twinned with the Ukrainian Nikopol) Uwe Richrath quickly agreed with FC Bayer that the Ukrainian Football Association would not have to pay rent for the stadium for the match with Italy, and the Ukrainian delegation would be able to stay in a hotel located on the territory of the stadium.

Due to the expected large number of fans on Monday, Leverkusen will also apply the traffic and safety concept that is also used at Bayer’s home games in the Bundesliga, that shuttle and district buses will operate in addition to the usual routes, and the streets around the stadium will be closed. Bismarckstrasse will be closed four hours before the start of the match.

Morning in Leverkusen on the day of the game. Read our report from Germany.

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2023-11-20 16:08:00

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