Markevich named a player who could play a key role against Italy

Head coach of Lviv Karpaty Miron Markevich spoke about the decisive match of the Euro 2024 qualification between Ukraine and Italy.

“Malinovsky is a player proven over the years and in matches. He can come on as a substitute, and most likely he will, and shoot at any moment. Ruslan doesn’t need much time to get into the game, to pass across half the field or score from long range, as he can and has done more than once.

Moreover, someone like Malinovsky knows Italy and their players very well. He has been playing in Serie A for so many years. Yes, now he is not playing very well in his club, but that doesn’t mean anything. Malinovsky is a high-level football player,” said Markevich.

On November 20 at 21:45 in Leverkusen, Germany, the match of the 10th round of Euro 2024 qualification between the national teams of Ukraine and Italy will take place.

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2023-11-20 14:57:00

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