MIKHAILICHENKO: “Ukraine deserves to get a ticket to Euro 2024”

Former head coach of Dynamo Kyiv Alexey Mikhailichenko spoke about his expectations from the decisive Euro 2024 qualifying match for the Ukrainian national team with the Italian team, which will take place on November 20.

– What do you expect from the Ukraine – Italy match?
– First of all, victories for our team. I don’t even consider another result. Italy missed the World Cup and wants to rehabilitate itself, but this is not our problem. Our goal is to enter the Euro. I think we deserve to get this ticket.

– How can we defeat Italy?
– Every match is a battle of characters, and only then comes tactics, skill and everything else. I think the coaching staff led by Rebrov will do a very good job and find the key to victory. The main thing is that in the eyes and hearts of our guys there is only a thirst for victory.

– Do you think the Ukrainian national team will be able to force Italy to play first or is it better to play on quick counterattacks?
– It depends on what tactics Sergei Rebrov chooses. Italy will be happy with a draw, so they can choose a defensive option, but it’s difficult for me to predict.

– Was the Italian national team stronger under Mancini or now under Spalletti?
– Under Spalletti she became different. From the matches that I have seen, you can play against this Italy and win. Much will depend on the form in which our team approaches the game.

– Which players on our team do you expect to play brilliantly, who should lead the team?
-I never name heroes before the match. It is very important that there is not just one player on the field, but a team. In every position you need to be a leader. The Italians must see from the first minutes that Ukraine will not give up even a single piece of the field. This will be a fight in which there is no room for compromise.

– In the first match, the Italians looked almost head and shoulders stronger than our team.
– It seemed to me that our guys were not able to show their best qualities in that game. Italy won, above all, thanks to their confidence. They wanted three points more. Therefore, in today’s match we need to demonstrate character.

The match between Ukraine and Italy will take place on November 20 in Leverkusen, starting at 21:45 Kyiv time.

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2023-11-19 13:28:00

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