“Misha, stop falling so spectacularly!”

Former Ukrainian national team player Victor Leonenko commented on the result of the match for qualifying for Euro 2024 against Italy (0:0).

– Evgenievich, what is your opinion about the game of the Ukrainian national team against Italy?

– I was rooting for our team and Rebrov, but I’ll be honest. With such a game we have nothing to do at the European Championship. Here everyone only talks about the unassigned penalty, but for some reason they are silent about the moments. We only had a shot from Sudakov, and about five goals could have flown into our goal.

– Fans recognized Mikolenko as “Lion of the match.” Who will you give the reward to?

– Which Mikolenko?! Trubin was clearly the “lion of the match” – he helped out after Frattesi went one-on-one and made a great save. According to my calculations, Italy should have won – 5:1. In 90 minutes we had only one chance, so we were told that we were not expected at the Euro, Italy looked more interesting.

– In the second half, the Ukrainian team played well.

– There is no need to analyze the second half at all, because Italy remembered that they were happy with a draw. In the second half it was an absolutely equal and draw game.

– Was there a penalty on Mudrik?

– I won’t say whether there was a penalty or not, but I’ll simply explain why the referee didn’t give it. The first point: Čeferin made it clear in his interview that we are not expected at the Euro. The second point: in extra time the referee rarely gives a penalty. Third point: Misha, stop falling so spectacularly!

– Do you think we will make it to the Euro through the playoffs?

– We should get there through the playoffs, because the Ukrainian national team looks more interesting than other teams. Although, in essence, they are all the same.

Let us remind you that in the last minutes of the Ukraine-Italy match, Mikhail Mudrik received the ball in the Italian penalty area, but Brian Cristante immediately fouled him. The referee did not award a penalty and did not even go to watch the replay of the episode.

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2023-11-21 19:01:00

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