“Mudrik proved that he can take a punch”

The national team of Ukraine in the next qualifying match for Euro 2024 defeated the Maltese players away – 3:1.

Former player of the Ukrainian national team Taras Mikhalik, in a conversation with a correspondent, shared his impressions of yesterday’s confrontation:

– Statistics show that the Ukrainian team performs worse in the second of the double matches. Sergei Rebrov’s team also cannot count the beginning of yesterday’s confrontation as an asset. There was a lack of confidence in their abilities, the ball was not obeyed, and besides, they conceded an unfortunate goal when they allowed the home team’s player to break through the center.

– After this, did you have any concerns about the final result?
– No, although experiences began to make themselves felt. And it is unknown when the turning point would have been reached if not for the Maltese own goal. But it’s not for nothing that they say: the strongest are lucky. The hosts already panicked, but ours played an exemplary second half. We took control of the ball, quickly combined, and increased the intensity. In a word, we played to the class.

– So we can, when we really need to win double matches.
– The September matches with England and Italy cannot be compared with the matches with the North Macedonians and the Maltese. But the main thing is that we survived in difficult times and got such valuable six points. And here there was no time for a spectacular game.

– Assess the actions of those players who did not start in the match with the North Macedonians.
– Vanat was a bit out of luck, but he is more comfortable acting at the forefront of the attack rather than on the flank. Karavaev played at his level. Sidorchuk did a lot of the rough work, although it was his fault for the missed goal. By the way, both stoppers and goalkeeper.

– Finally, Mudryk opened the scoring with goals for the national team. What can you say about him?
“Recently he has been criticized not only by experts, but also by fans. Mikhail proved that he can take a punch. With every match he becomes more and more useful for the team. It is important that both at the club level and in the national team he is supported by the helmsmen. This means progress will be faster. His debut goal for the country’s main team will also add to his confidence.

– Everything is heading towards the fact that in November the fate of a direct ticket to Euro 2024 will be decided in the battle between Ukraine and Italy, and our team will only be satisfied with a victory.
– Our guys have repeatedly proven that the more serious the opponent, the better they play. Moreover, with the return of Tsygankov to duty, the Ukrainian team will become stronger. I don’t think the Italians are favorites.

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2023-10-18 18:27:00

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