“My first acquaintance with Minaj took place through YouTube”

New head coach of Minaya Zeljko Ljubenovic spoke about his first impressions of working with the team and shared his expectations from the UPL 15th round match against Krivbass.

– How did you see “Minai”? What kind of team is this for you personally?

– Of course, my first acquaintance with the team took place through YouTube, where I watched the team’s matches in the UPL. But when I saw the guys in person, I was convinced that this is a good team and these players have the talent and data to continue to progress and become better. “Minaya” definitely has a future.

– What conclusions did you draw for yourself based on the results of the bilateral match?

– The two-way communication helped to form a complete picture. Of course, it didn’t exist before. Now it will be much easier for me to prepare the team for the 15th round game against Krivbass on Saturday.

– Do football players feel a psychological decline due to the results?

– I try through training and communication to make sure that there is no tension. Based on what I see, I believe that I have already achieved this. Players don’t have that burden. The guys really had to get rid of this pressure from the unsuccessful series.

– During our first conversation, you noted that the adrenaline was off the charts. Now that his UPL debut as a coach is approaching, does his level continue to rise?

– On the contrary, I calmed down. With the start of the first training session. Although I expect that on the day of the match the adrenaline will increase again. Still, this is a special game for me personally for two reasons. Firstly, the debut match as the head coach of Minaya. Secondly, everyone knows who exactly coaches Krivbass. For me this is a truly important match. I am very glad that I will see Yuri Nikolaevich and his entire coaching staff again. We keep in touch, so I will be happy about this meeting. But I hope that after the match is over I will be happy.

Now the Transcarpathian team is the worst in the UPL in terms of points scored. They have only 6 points in 14 championship matches.

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2023-11-21 17:08:00

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