OFFICIALLY. Mikolenko goes to the bottom. Everton deducted 10 points from the Premier League table

Everton Football Club has been deducted 10 points from the Premier League standings for violating the league’s financial rules.

“An independent panel has imposed a 10-point deduction on Everton for breaching profitability and sustainability regulations (PSRs). It takes effect immediately.

The Premier League lodged a complaint against the club and referred the matter to an independent commission earlier this year. During the proceedings, the club admitted that it had breached the PSRs for the period ending with the 2021/22 season, but the extent of the breach remained controversial.

After a five-day hearing last month, the commission found that Everton’s calculation of PSRs for the relevant period resulted in a loss of £124.5 million, as claimed by the Premier League. This exceeded the £105 million threshold allowed under the PSRs.

The commission concluded that a sporting sanction of 10 points should be applied. This sanction comes into force immediately,” the Premier League said in a statement.

Note that the team for which Vitaly Mykolenko plays will drop to the bottom of the standings. The club is appealing the decision of the Independent Commission.

Club Statement.

— Everton (@Everton) November 17, 2023

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2023-11-17 18:39:00

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