“Our football is going downhill.” Vorskla wants to change the Ukrainian championship

Vorskla vice-president Oleg Lysak admitted that the Poltava club has a proposal to reorganize the national championship in order to avoid its further degradation, in the opinion of Vorskla residents.

“Our football is going down the drain. I’m from Monday [20 ноября] I will write letters to create a U-23 championship. It won’t work as before – because if you create separate U-19 and U-21 teams, then the cost of the clubs for the season will grow to at least 400 thousand dollars or euros.

We need to make a decision to create an U-23 and then play an U-18 season so that the U-19 teams have the opportunity to play in the UEFA Youth League. I mean that we need to continue the youth schools not up to U-17, but up to U-18, and the next team will be U-23. This tournament will be able to fight back. Also in U-23, first team players will be able to recover from injuries.

U-19 plays in front of the first team, and U-23 will play the day after the main team. Then the junior and first team players who did not take part in the matches will be able to play for U-23,” said Lysak.

As you know, the UPL now holds the main championship of Ukraine, as well as the national championship among U-19 teams. “Vorskla” is in 9th place in the Ukrainian Premier League table with 18 points, and in the youth championship the Poltava team is in 10th position with 16 points.

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2023-11-19 14:06:00

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