“Penalty on Mudrik? To be honest, I didn’t watch the replay.”

On November 20 at 21:45 a qualifying match was held in Leverkusen Euro 2024 between the national teams of Ukraine and Italy (0:0).

All the highlights of the match are available in Live mode in Telegram

After the match, the blue-yellow defender Alexander Zinchenko commented on the game like this:

“Despite not leaving the group, the result is positive. We achieved a draw in the match against the European champions. There were many positive moments, but there were also mistakes. The coaching staff will analyze them and we will become stronger.

Penalty on Mudrik? To be honest, I didn’t watch the replay. The result is already there, so I don’t like to comment on the judges’ decisions. In the locker room the guys said something, but for me it’s already behind me.

Of course, we felt the support of the fans. Thanks to everyone who attended the match and who supported us. Our fans are our 12th player.

Potential playoff opponents? No, I haven’t watched it yet. If we played well against Italy, then we will play against other teams.”

Daniil AGARKOV,, Leverkusen

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2023-11-21 04:43:00

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