PHOTO. Inglourious Basterds actor praises Kane for three-finger gesture

Famous actor Michael Fassbender I liked Harry Kane’s celebration in the match against Borussia.

After the third goal, the England captain held up three fingers in German fashion and appeared to pass the test that one of Fassbender’s most famous characters in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds famously failed.

“I thought it was great! My friend sent me this photo on WhatsApp and said, “Check it out.” I thought it was great. You feel very privileged to be a part of this film, working with Tarantino, my hero. It’s nice that such iconic scenes continue after the film is released, so it’s very cool,” said Fassbender.

Note that Fassbender in that film plays Lieutenant Archie Hickox, a British soldier fluent in English and German, who is tasked with infiltrating the Nazis. However, Hickox makes one huge mistake: he orders 3 whiskeys the way an Englishman does – with his index, middle and ring fingers. The German version uses the thumb, and Hickox’s mistake leads to his death in one of the film’s most tense and memorable scenes.

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2023-11-17 14:39:00

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