PHOTO. They live in Bay Arena. The national team held an open training session in Leverkusen

The Ukrainian national team held an official training session in Leverkusen ahead of the game of the 10th round of qualifying Euro 2024 pagainst the Italian team. Having checked into the hotel, which is part of the BayArena stadium, the blue and yellow team immediately found themselves in the atmosphere of football.

Everything around is dedicated to the local club: T-shirts from different years, life-size cut-outs of famous performers, the “clone” of the legendary Bayer player Karsten Ramelow immediately attracted attention, club souvenirs and photos of outstanding German football players along each of the corridors on the six floors of the hotel. And also giant panoramic wallpaper depicting a filled stadium and players on the field. By the way, fans can easily book a room and spend time in a great football atmosphere. If, of course, they manage to book the apartment on time.

The blue-and-yellows live on the upper floors of the hotel, where fans do not have access. Here, in addition to the quarters of the players and coaches, there is a restaurant, a medical room, and a place for equipment. And all these rooms have panoramic windows directly onto the stands. When a football player eats, takes procedures or listens to instructions from the coaching staff, he can involuntarily see the red and black stands of the BayArena in the window. So when the players stepped onto the magnificent turf of the Leverkusen stadium, it was not that the place was completely unfamiliar to them, as they had been staring at it for most of the day.

All players of the Ukrainian national team took part in the evening training. The blue-yellow infirmary is empty – an important factor. After jogging and warming up, the guys completed reaction speed exercises, practiced holding the ball in a square and moved on to the main part of the lesson – polishing individual aspects of the tactical scheme for tomorrow’s game.

Head coach Sergey Rebrov traditionally explained to the performers certain functions in various aspects of the game, and noted episodes that required increased attention. By midnight, the blue-yellow coach will form a request of 23 players who will be able to take part in the match with Italy. And Rebrov’s starting choice will be announced tomorrow, November 20, 75 minutes before the start of the fight.

All 30 thousand tickets for the match, which begins on November 20 at 21:45 Kiev time, have been sold, so tomorrow it is expected that the red-black arena will be repainted in blue and yellow, which is the greatest inspiration for every Ukrainian. The national team players clearly expect that the emotions of their home fans will help them achieve a historic and so desired victory for the country.

PHOTO. The Ukrainian national team held an official training session in Leverkusen

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