Scotland – Norway – 3:3. We had fun without Holland. Video review

The match between Scotland and Norway did not decide anything in terms of the tournament. Perhaps that is why the opponents allowed themselves to play without unnecessary responsibility. Even without Erling Haaland, the Norwegians took the lead twice in the first half through the efforts of Donnum and Strand Larsen. Scotland came back twice thanks to a penalty (converted by McGinn) and an own goal from Estigard. In the second half, the Tartans took the lead thanks to Armstrong’s efforts. But Elyounoussi gave the Norwegians a consolation draw in the end.

Scotland finished in second place in their group with 17 points. The Norwegians took third position with 11 points, 10 points less than the group winners the Spaniards.

Euro 2024 selection

Round 10, Glasgow, Hampden Park

Scotland – Norway – 3:3

Goals: Donnum, 3 (0:1), McGinn, 13, penalty (1:1), Strand Larsen, 20 (1:2), Estigor, 33, own goal (2:2), Armstrong, 59 (3:2) , Elyounoussi, 86 (3:3).

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