Sparring with Metalist 1925 was most useful

During the November break in the UPL championship, the Obolon players played a control match with Metalist 1925 and prevailed – 2:1.

Head coach of Kiev Valery Ivashchenko exclusively for shared his impressions of the sparring he played.

“He completely met my expectations.” First of all, I managed to maintain the game cycle, because there were already opportunities to make sure that after a long break in the championship, my players were not returning to the necessary condition as quickly as we would like. I looked not only at the performers at my disposal, but also at several youth players. We won, which is also important from a psychological aspect. And although “Metalist 1925” operates in a slightly different style than our next opponent in the UPL – “Alexandria”, nevertheless, several tactical preparations were tested. Well, it’s important that there were no injuries.

In the coming days, all attention will be focused on immediate preparations for the confrontation with Alexandria, which will take place on November 26. “City” are neighbors in the standings and in such cases they say that six points are at stake. Therefore, we must try to take into account every little detail.

So far, Obolon is in 12th place in the UPL championship, gaining 13 points.

We previously reported that Obolon is offering the team’s striker a contract extension, which ends on November 30.

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2023-11-20 15:40:00

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