Liberian Lfa First Division

Liberian Lfa First Division

The Liberian First Division, formerly known as Liberian Premier League, is the highest division of football in Liberia. The first division league began in 1956 and have only once been won by a club outside Monrovia. It has been dominated by Mighty Barrolle FC and Invincible Eleven FC. The league is organized by the Liberia Football Association. In 2010, the league became known as the Orange Premier League for sponsorship reasons and it is now called LFA-Orange First Division League. Seasons 2021-2022 2022-2023 Teams BEA Mountain -11 Cece United -11 Freeport -11 Heaven Eleven -11 Invincible Elev -11 Jubilee -11 LISCR -11 LPRC Oilers -11 Mighty Barrolle -11 Muscat -11 Nimba Kwado -11 Nimba United -11 Sandi -11 Watanga -11 Key () Missing Artwork (- 4) Missing 4 Players: Data and Artwork () Team Complete Trophy Icon Fanart Banner Other Links

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