United States Football League

United States Football League

The United States Football League (USFL) is a planned professional American football league that is currently scheduled to begin play on April 16, 2022. The inaugural 2022 season will be played in its entirety in Birmingham, Alabama. Although the league owns the old USFL trademarks, the new USFL is not associated or affiliated to the original officially. It is the fourth attempt to launch a league with the same name, after additional attempts in 1945 and in 2010. Seasons 2022 Teams Birmingham Stal -11 Houston Gambler -11 Michigan Panthe -11 New Jersey Gene -10 New Orleans Bre -11 Philadelphia St -11 Pittsburgh Maul -11 Tampa Bay Bandi -11 Key () Missing Artwork (- 4) Missing 4 Players: Data and Artwork () Team Complete Trophy Icon Fanart Banner Other Links Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

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