Austrian Regionalliga Ost

Austrian Regionalliga Ost

The Austrian Regionalliga (German: Regionalliga or plural Regionalligen, means Regional League) is the third-highest division in Austrian football, after the Austrian Bundesliga and the Second League. It is divided into 5 groups: East (Ost), covering the states of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland; Central (Mitte), covering the states of Styria, Carinthia, Upper Austria and the exclave of East Tyrol; Regionalliga Salzburg, covering the state of Salzburg; Regionalliga Tirol, covering the state of Tyrol (with the exception of East Tyrol) and the Eliteliga Vorarlberg, covering the state of Vorarlberg. Seasons 2022-2023 Teams Bruck-Leitha -11 Donaufeld Wien -11 Draßburg -11 Krems -11 Leobendorf -11 Marchfeld Donau -11 Mauerwerk -11 Neusiedl am See -11 Scheiblingkirch -11 Siegendorf -11 Stripfing -11 Traiskirchen -11 TWL Elektra -11 Wiener Neustadt -11 Wiener SC -11 Wiener Viktoria -11 Key () Missing Artwork (- 4) Missing 4 Players: Data and Artwork () Team Complete Trophy Icon Fanart Banner Other Links Website

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