Srna won, Rotan lost, Krivbass is the leader, Dynamo disappointed again

A productive tour: four major wins, no draws. Already in his debut match, six goals were scored – Zarya defeated Obolon 4:2. “Krivbass” remains the leader of the peloton: Vernidub’s team beat “Metalist 1925” – 3:1. Shakhtar, led by Srna, defeated LNZ – ​​3:0. With the same score, Chernomorets defeated Minai. Another failure for Alexandria – this time Rotan’s team lost to Kolos. In the central match of the tour, Dynamo lost to Dnepr-1.

Shootout Tour

The match that opened the tour program turned out to be very productive. “Obolon” ​​and “Zorya” scored six goals between them. As a result, Zarya celebrated its first victory in the last six matches – 4:2. Already in the first half, the opponents scored four goals – Sukhanov and Guerrero exchanged doubles. In the second half of the meeting, the Kiev team began to play to maintain the score, and they paid the price – the Lugansk team were able to score twice more.

Tour error

Zarya goalkeeper Turbaevsky made a striking mistake in the game against Obolon. In the 20th minute of the meeting, Sukhanov decided to take a long-range shot – from about thirty meters. The goalkeeper saw the moment of the impact and reacted, it seemed, in time, but the ball flew into the net from his hands. Fortunately for Turbaevsky, his mistake did not affect the final score.

Tour leader

“Krivbass” won in class over “Metalist 1925” – 3:1. In this match, the championship leader had no visible problems, and if everything had gone against the Kharkov team, the score could have been indecent. But a two-goal advantage was enough for Vernidub’s team to get another three points. And at least until the next round, “Krivbass” will be the sole leader of the championship.

“Modesty” tour

Krivbass head coach Yuriy Vernidub, after the victory over Metalist 1925, commented on his team’s leadership in the UPL in a very original way: “Leadership in the UPL? We don’t look at the table. We go from match to match. I said this from the very beginning of the championship. And at the end of the championship, after the 30th round, we’ll see where we end up.”

Goal of the round

The Chernomorets players scored the first goal against Minai after a magnificent combination. Badibanga and Iede spun the “carousel” in front of someone else’s penalty area, and the Nigerian forward made a longitudinal pass to Shtogrin from the right inside spot. Andrey kicked the ball into the far corner of Bandura’s goal.

Bullitt tour

Almost a football shootout in the game against Minai was performed by Chernomorets forward Kuzyk. Bragaru passed the ball to his partner from his own half of the field. Kuzyk avoided offside by running half the field alone and beat Bandura without any problems.

Bottom of the tour

Whatever they don’t do, things don’t work out. “Alexandria” did not win again. More precisely, she lost again. This time – in our native walls, “Kolos”. To be fair, it should be noted that Rotan’s team did not look doomed in this match. However, they didn’t even play for a draw, although they played in the majority for almost the entire second half after Popov was sent off. After this defeat, Alexandria remained in the relegation zone – in 12th place. But in terms of lost points, Rotan’s team shares penultimate place with LNZ.

Tour Excuse

With every unsuccessful match, Alexandria head coach Ruslan Rotan is looking for more and more excuses. After the defeat from Kolos, the team from Kirovograd region’s streak without a win reached nine matches. Analyzing the game against the Kovalevites, the hosts’ coach said that “Alexandria learns through defeats.” The question involuntarily arises: how long can you study?

FC Shakhtar tour debut. Dario Srna

Unexpectedly, on the eve of the match against LNZ, Shakhtar changed its head coach. More precisely, van Leeuwen was dismissed. Without explaning the reason. And the club’s sports director Srna was temporarily seconded to take the place of the Pitmen’s helmsman.

Even before the start of the meeting, the Croatian managed to criticize the former Shakhtar coach for the team’s lack of “miner’s play.” However, even under the leadership of Srna, the Donetsk team did not please with entertainment. Although the victory over LNZ was visually easy for them.

Return of the FC Shakhtar tour. Valery Bondar

Shakhtar center back Bondar has been forced out of action since the end of July due to injury. Then, in a game against Metalist 1925, Valery landed poorly and broke his collarbone. Without him, the Pitmen’s central defensive zone resembled a passing yard. In the game against LNZ, Bondar returned to action. He played the entire match against the Cherkassy team.

Joker of the Tour

All questions about the winner of the Shakhtar – LNZ match were answered by forward Kelsey. It took Kevin 15 minutes to do this. He appeared on the field in the 75th minute of the match, replacing Sican. Nine minutes later, the Venezuelan scored his first goal, and six minutes later he scored his second.

Words of the Tour

After the match with LNZ, Shakhtar’s acting coach Darijo Srna said that his team was on the right track: “I surprised myself today because there was no jitters. I feel that the team is returning to its “miner’s” football, which has adorned us for the last 20 years and will adorn us in the future. I saw “miner’s” football in many moments today. Coming out of defense, every chance we created, every goal we scored – it didn’t come out of nowhere, it’s the quality of the players and the talent they have.”

Tour record

5:2 – with this score, “Rukh” defeated “Veres” away. At the moment, this match is the most productive in the championship. It is interesting that the result of the match was significant for both teams. Five goals scored in one match is now a new record for Rukh. For Veres, five goals conceded in a home match is also a record. With a minus sign.

Penalty round

“Polesie” dealt with “Vorskla” on the road – 3:0. The last goal in this game was scored after a set piece. Already in stoppage time for the second half, the guests earned a free kick. There were 27 meters to the goal, but Kozak decided to take a direct shot. The ball spun into the crossbar of the goal along a cool trajectory, and Shastal was the first on the rebound, who finished the ball into the empty net.

Match of the tour

Dynamo and Dnepr-1 met in Kyiv – the fourth and second teams at the end of last season. As a rule, matches between these rivals always take place in a sharp and principled struggle. We can say that this was the case this time too. Only the football played by the opponents turned out to be too sluggish and academic.

The goal scored by Gutsulyak in the 13th minute of the match turned out to be both the only one and the winning one. Although the hosts had at least a chance for a draw. But they didn’t use it.

As a result, it was the second defeat in a row for Lucescu’s team, which invariably concedes in the last five matches. After this defeat, the people of Kiev are no longer the sole leaders in lost points. But Dnepr-1 has never conceded a goal under Maximov.

FC Dynamo tour t-shirts

For the game against Dnepr-1, Dynamo players wore T-shirts to support Andrei Yarmolenko, who was previously injured and underwent surgery. The T-shirts read: “Legend! We are with you”! Yarmola himself was present at the game: he was in the Dynamo box.

Revelation Tour

After the defeat from Dnepr-1, Dynamo head coach Mircea Lucescu partially took the blame for the failure: “Now we have five or six young players without experience in our squad, they need to learn. The problem is with me: I couldn’t build a team in such a short period of time that could withstand our opponents in the Ukrainian championship. Besides, our luck has run out.”

Symbolic team of the tour

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