Starodubtseva explained why she shook the Russian’s hand after the match

Tonight, Ukrainian tennis player Yulia Starodubtseva beat Russian Amina Anshba and Hungarian Panna Udvardi in the quarterfinals of the WTA 125 tournament in Colin (Chile) in doubles with American Makenna Jones.

After the match, Starodubtseva shook hands with her Russian opponent. Yulia explained that she did not know about Anshba’s nationality:

“I didn’t know she was Russian until she said “thank you” to me while shaking hands. And then I hoped maybe this was Kazakhstan.

Amina Anshba just doesn’t sound like a Russian name, and I still don’t know everyone very well. I’m seeing her for the first time. I’m just in my repertoire: I don’t know anything, neither the players nor the WTA rules sometimes.

If she had known who she was, she certainly would not have shaken her hand. Moreover, I am generally shocked that she is under sanctions. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard about it. I’ll be more careful.”

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2023-11-17 20:16:00

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