Starodubtseva told why she couldn’t play for the Ukrainian national team

Ukrainian tennis player Yulia Starodubtseva spoke about her invitation to the Ukrainian national team for the Billie Jean King Cup match and the reasons why she could not play for the national team.

“I was invited to play for the national team in a match against the Netherlands, but at that time I did not yet have permission to leave, and, as you understand, because of the war I cannot go to Ukraine, and my status in the USA did not allow me to leave abroad and then return back.

We talked with Mikhail Philima, they began to invite me, even when I had just entered the top 200, but until recently I didn’t know if I could come, and then the team gathered. Perhaps next year I will still be able to play in the national team,” said Starodubtseva.

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2023-11-21 01:49:00

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