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Sagan Tosu

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Established : 1997
Sport : Soccer
Event : Japanese J1 League
Location : Japan
Manajer :
Other Name : サガン鳥栖
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Homeground : Tosu Stadium
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Sagan Tosu

Sagan Tosu (サガン鳥栖, Sagan Tosu) is a Japanese professional football club, currently playing in the J1 League. The team is located in Tosu, Saga Prefecture. Sagan is a coined word with a couple of meanings behind it. One of its homophones is sandstone (砂岩, sagan) in Japanese. This symbolises many small elements uniting to form one formidable object, for example as a metaphor for a team. Also, Sagan Tosu can be interpreted as "Tosu of Saga (Prefecture)" (佐賀ん鳥栖, Saga-n Tosu) in the area's dialect. In addition, it is widely believed that the word is meant to be a pun with Italian giants Juventus although the club hasn't confirmed it.

Tosu Stadium

Ekimae Real Estate Stadium (駅前不動産スタジアム, Ekimae Fudōsan Sutajiamu) is a football stadium in Tosu, Saga, Japan. It serves as a home ground of J1 League club Sagan Tosu. The stadium holds 24,130 people and was built in 1996. It was built in the site of Tosu rail yard and Tosu classification yard in accord with the JR Kyushu's Tosu Station. It was formerly known as Tosu Stadium (鳥栖スタジアム, Tosu Sutajiamu) then it was called Best Amenity Stadium from January 2008 to January 2019 for the naming rights. Ekimae Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd., a real estate company in Kurume City, won the naming rights agreement from Tosu City, then renamed the stadium as Ekimae Real Estate Stadium (駅前不動産スタジアム, Ekimae Fudōsan Sutajiamu) from 1 February 2019.

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Ekimae Real Estate Stadium
2 - 1
Ekimae Real Estate Stadium
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Ekimae Real Estate Stadium
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Ekimae Real Estate Stadium
0 - 1
Ekimae Real Estate Stadium
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