“The coaches asked to forget the match with Dynamo”

Midfielder “Krivbass” Vladislav Semotyuk commented on the resumption of the training process after a short vacation due to national team matches.

– How did you celebrate the birthday?

– It was just the team’s weekend, so I celebrated at home, with my family. Everything went very well. Everyone wrote, called, no one forgot. Upon arrival in Krivoy Rog, the team warmly congratulated us and presented us with a ball with the autographs of all the players. Everything is great.

– How did Kryvbas return to training after three days off?

– Of course, after the last match there are still some negative emotions left. But everyone rested and rebooted. The coaching staff asked us to forget that match with Dynamo and get ready for the final three matches this year.

– You didn’t play in the match with Dynamo, but still: what thoughts remain?

– Of course, it’s a shame when the referee unfairly sends our footballer off the field. He could give a yellow, go look at VAR and change the decision if necessary. And he gave the red one without hesitation, and nothing could be done about it. It’s okay, we’ll be stronger. Let’s move on.

On November 14, Vladislav turned 23 years old.

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2023-11-17 20:17:00

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