The journalist explained how the deduction of points from Everton will affect Chelsea and Man City

Journalist for The Athletic David Ornstein spoke about what a 10-point deduction from Everton in the Premier League standings could mean for Chelsea and Manchester City.

“The first thing to note is that these cases are not the same. Both the Manchester City and Chelsea charges are different from the Everton charge.

Everton’s case could be said to have been fairly straightforward in the sense that they were considered to have breached the financial loss limits. Additionally, they have cooperated with the Premier League and, by virtually raising their hands, have admitted that there was a breach, although there is disagreement over how big the breach was.

They didn’t explain to us what was happening [в деле «Сити»]. Many of these charges are repeated season after season, so it’s not necessarily 115 charges. Their number is smaller. City disputes and strongly denies these allegations, so there is no guarantee that the two cases will be treated in the same way.

In the case of City and especially Chelsea, compared to Everton, it is like comparing apples and pears. What was interesting about Everton’s statement was that they are going to be following cases against other clubs and I think it will be a big story.

There will be increasing pressure from the Premier League and the authorities to deal with these matters to ensure the integrity of the competition in the future, fairness and a level playing field for all,” the journalist said.

Ornstein also suggested that 2024 could be a “defining year” in the City case, although he added that there was no official word yet on when the case would be heard.

It should be noted that 115 charges were brought against City for violating Premier League rules, mainly related to the club’s finances. Chelsea are being investigated over alleged secret transfer payments made by the club under Roman Abramovich.

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2023-11-18 16:10:00

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