“The match with Italy is another one on Ukraine’s path to the Euro”

A press conference was held before the decisive Euro 2024 qualifying match against Italy. The upcoming match was assessed by the captain of the Ukrainian national team Taras Stepanenko.

“The uniforms of the players in their clubs? It’s always nice when guys win on their teams. We monitor them and send messages. We congratulate them on their successful actions and goals. This is important to them. And it’s cool when they win top championships. I think it gives them confidence.”

“Pressure on the team? I think many of our players have already played matches of this level. Everyone is mentally ready, the atmosphere is good. This match is not the apogee of anything. But work throughout the year has led to the fact that we have a chance to play the decisive match and fight for Euro 2024. One more match on the way to Euro 2024. And tomorrow there should be a little more concentration,” Stepanenko said.

The match, which the Ukrainian national team only needs to win, will take place on November 20, starting at 21:45.

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2023-11-19 22:01:00

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