The Mexican received a life ban for 92 match fixings

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) said five tennis players were sanctioned for violating the Anti-Corruption Program (TACP).

These sanctions are related to a recently concluded criminal case involving a match-fixing syndicate in Belgium. The head of the syndicate, Grigor Sargsyan, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Mexican tennis player Alberto Rojas Maldonado was caught with 92 TACP violations (the second highest number of violations for a single player) and played a key role in bribing other players. As a result, Maldonado was banned from competing for life and ordered to pay a maximum fine of $250,000.

Guatemalan Christopher Diaz Figueroawho previously served a three-year ban for a fixed-score match (one year suspended), has now been banned for life and fined $75,000 for 13 new TACP violations.

Mexican Jose Antonio Rodriguez was cited for eight TACP violations. Bulo found that Rodriguez acted in conjunction with Maldonado to obtain “significant financial gain.” The player was suspended for 12 years and ordered to pay a fine of $25,001. Rodriguez’s suspension expires on September 29, 2035.

Mexican Antonio Ruiz Rosales was suspended for 10 years and fined $30,000 for seven TACP violations. Ruiz’s suspension expires on September 29, 2033.

Mexican Orlando Alcantara Rangel was suspended for two years and fined $10,000 for two TACP violations. Alcantara’s suspension expires on September 29, 2025.

While suspended, players are prohibited from participating in, coaching, or attending any tennis events.

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2023-11-18 13:56:00

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