“The referee deliberately wanted to leave Chernomorets in the minority”

Journalist Igor Tsyganyk believes that the referee “killed” the Odessa “Chernomorets” in the match of the 13th round of the Ukrainian Premier League against the Kharkov “Metalist 1925”.

“It is gradually becoming clear to me what is happening with Chernomorets – they are being held back. I am very sorry for Roman Iosifovich. No wonder he talked about refereeing at the beginning of the season. Then they were released, and he gave a good result. Now the talk is over and look what was done in the game with Metalist 1925. Removal is funny. It seems that the person deliberately wanted to leave Chernomorets in the minority. They don’t bother the richer teams, but the poorer ones, who are trying to rise due to their playing qualities, and they are immediately hit on the head.

It’s also good for judges because they want the people at the top to be rich because then more money goes out. I will ask those who have the opportunity to pay attention to this situation with Chernomorets.

“Chernomorets” looks good and can claim the top three, while “Dnepr-1” is looking for its game. “Krivbass”, “Polesie”… In addition, they beat “Polesie” (1:0). That is, there may be a struggle here and competitors simply beat you down. Now they want to determine the top five among themselves before winter, and let the others play among themselves. Despite the fact that this comes from direct competitors who are experiencing this struggle. If we don’t fight this now, there will be a very big problem,” Tsyganyk said.

Let us remind you that on Sunday, November 5, Chernomorets lost away to Metalist 1925 with a score of 1:2.

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2023-11-08 11:48:00

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