“There were no conflicts that influenced the result in Minai”

Now a former coach of “Minaya” Vladimir Sharan commented on his resignation from the Transcarpathian club, assessed the reasons for the team’s failures this season, and also shared his immediate plans.

The decision to terminate cooperation was joint with the club management, – quotes the words of a specialist from – Both they and I had thoughts about this after the home match with Obolon, in which we lost (0:1). There were no results at that time, and we hoped for a game with the Brewers, thinking that we could beat them. So our coaching staff, which has sufficient experience, understood everything perfectly. The management also had thoughts about ending cooperation.

If we talk about the reasons for the team’s failures, then everything is complex. In the off-season, I said that the budget needed to be increased and the club president did it. However, those clubs that entered the Premier League had decent opportunities – both in terms of players, and in terms of budget and infrastructure. And I understood perfectly well that our only chance was transition matches. Moreover, I was about seventy percent sure of this. But, despite this, we hoped that for the second season in a row we would be able to perform successfully. However, unfortunately, both we, the coaches, and the people who were involved in the transfers, did a little less work. I can’t say that we managed to strengthen the team. In the summer, players left Minai who were no worse than those whom we took in their places. This, of course, is the fault of the head coach and those responsible for transfer affairs. As for preparation, we had everything at a good level. In terms of financing, I can’t say anything bad, because we were paid money. It is clear that sometimes there were slight delays, but given the difficult times in the country, they were not something special. We understood everything, and this is by no means the main reason for “Minay” being in sixteenth place without a victory. As for the microclimate in the team, it was quite normal. Of course, sometimes it happened that I, as a coach, could not stand it, and this raised the temperature in the locker room. But this always happens when there is a psychological burden. However, I will tell you frankly: there were no conflicts that allegedly caused the lack of results in “Minaya”. We have a good team, and I am very grateful to our guys for working hard and giving their all in every match.

In the near future, my assistants and I will be in Uzhgorod. You need to pack your things, pack your suitcases and get ready to go home. I can’t say that we will go with our heads held high. But we won’t lower our eyes either, because there is a feeling of fulfillment from last season. We are very pleased with them. And the problems that we had this season are another story. Although, of course, I would like more. However, I don’t have any regrets, because I managed to work in a good city, in a UPL club. Therefore, I want to wish “Mina” only victories

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2023-11-18 15:50:00

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