They didn’t want to play against her. Transgender footballer leaves club in England

English footballer Francesca Needham has left the Rossington club, which plays in one of the lower leagues of South Yorkshire.

The fact is that Needham is transgender. Earlier, local media reported that a soccer player from one of the teams suffered a broken knee while blocking Needham’s kick. After this, players from several teams decided to boycott matches against Rossington.

“It is sad to say that this situation flies in the face of everything in the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, given that I have diligently met all the requirements set by the FA to participate in the games. This decision is based on the desire to protect the team and the club’s development trajectory. “I sincerely hope that the issue of alleged discrimination against me can be resolved peacefully and quickly with the full support of the FA and the policy they wrote and approved,” Needham was quoted as saying by Sky News.

At the same time, Francesca is not going to leave football so easily and intends to file a lawsuit over discrimination, since the refusal of her opponents to enter the field is a violation of the code of conduct.

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2023-11-21 17:58:00

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