“This UPL season is one of the most interesting in my career”

Goalkeeper of Zhytomyr “Polesie” Denis Boyko shared his impressions of this Ukrainian Football Championship draw.

– Polesye coaches and players have said more than once in interviews that there is no need to look at the standings. But still, let’s take a look at it with one eye: “Dnepr-1”, “Polesie”, “Krivbass”, “Shakhtar”, “Rukh”. What do you think causes such density and unpredictability of this season?

“Both the coaches and players of our club are right. Now it’s almost the equator of the championship, we have played 14 rounds and absolutely nothing has been decided yet. Today’s seat distribution can be very misleading. Of course, the fans are very pleased that we are at the top of the standings. And we too, we understand this – we are living people.

For me, this is one of the most interesting championships. You understand that I had many championships. But today I believe that every, absolutely every team, from Minai to the championship leader, can beat everyone. And although “Minay” does not have victories in the season, it does not lose with crushing scores, and they go out and fight. Previously, there were three or four leaders who were ahead, beat almost every opponent, and there were almost no matches like now. Now, both on the road and at home, everyone can beat everyone. This is what makes this championship interesting. Everyone tries to gain as many points as possible. That’s why there is such density.

– There are already 14 matches left in the championship. Name the team that you think had the strongest attack.

– All the matches were difficult. I will not humiliate or minimize the merits of our rivals. We played with good teams, but if we directly highlight and note, then probably, to be honest, this is Dnepr-1. They have a well-matched team and a very good game. And Dynamo Kyiv. These two teams enjoyed the most offensively.

Most teams keep the ball well and play well. But for it to reach such tension in our penalty area, it’s Dnepr-1 and Dynamo Kiev.

After 14 rounds of the UPL Polesie takes 2nd place in the standings, gaining 29 points.

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2023-11-18 16:11:00

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